Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Ten Ways to Write a Strong Love Interest

 Write Strong Romance 

Writing a strong love interest for a novel is an important part of creating a successful story. Love
interests are often the driving force behind a plot, and they can provide a source of tension and conflict. To make sure your love interest is as strong and compelling as possible, here are ten tips for writing a memorable one.


1. Give them a unique personality. Your love interest should be more than just a pretty face; they should have their own unique personality, quirks, and beliefs. Think about their hobbies, what makes them laugh, and how they talk. Put in the effort to make them stand out from other characters.


2. Make sure they have flaws. Nobody is perfect, and your love interest should be no exception. Giving them flaws makes them more relatable and human, and it can add a layer of complexity to the story.


3. Establish clear goals. Your love interest should have clearly defined goals that drive their actions and decisions. This helps the reader understand their motivations and can create tension if their goals conflict with the protagonist’s.


4. Create obstacles. A story without obstacles is boring; make sure your love interest faces challenges that test their strength, courage, and resolve. This helps to make them relatable while also making the story more exciting.


5. Write chemistry between them and the protagonist. The relationship between the love interest and the protagonist should be believable and exciting. Make sure that their interactions are full of chemistry and tension, and that there is an underlying spark between them.


6. Make sure they have an interesting backstory. Everyone has a past, and it can be interesting to explore your love interest’s history and the events that shaped them into the person they are today. This can provide insight into their beliefs and motivations.


7. Show how they change over time. Characters should grow and develop over time in response to the events in the story, and your love interest should be no exception. Show how they change in response to their experiences, both positive and negative.


8. Give them a distinct physical appearance. Your readers should be able to easily recognize your love interest in a crowd, so make sure to give them a distinct physical appearance that stands out from the other characters in the story.


9. Establish their unique voice. Each character should sound unique, so take some time to think about how your love interest talks and understands the world around them. Make sure their dialogue is distinct from other characters’ dialogue, so the reader can always tell who is speaking.


10. Don’t forget about body language. Body language can be a powerful tool for conveying emotion, so make sure to utilize it when writing your love interest’s scenes. Their body language should reflect their inner thoughts and feelings, which can be very helpful in conveying their emotions without relying on dialogue alone.

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