Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Kingkiller Chronicle - Patrick Rothfuss

The Kingkiller Chronicle - Patrick Rothfuss

Book 1 - The Name of the Wind

Book 2 - The Wise Man’s Fear

Book 3 – The Doors of Stone (Yet to be released)

Plot – The plot multilayered and complex. There is a primary story, which takes place in the past, and a secondary story, which takes place in the present. After finishing the second book you begin to get the sense that the “secondary” story, or present, is going to become the primary story. I can’t wait until that happens because it’s going to be exciting. Although it’s a fun read, it’s long and at times. I found myself getting a little bored with how slow some parts developed. The lengthy plot does develop the characters well, but I’d prefer it to be more streamlined.

Characters – Kvothe is one of the most well developed interesting characters I’ve ever read about. He’s ingeniously clever, a quick study, and amazingly talented. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather be like. Denna, also known as many other names, is the main love interest. She is musically talented, willful, spontaneous, wily and a wanderer. She makes a great character that many females might admire. Bast is Kvothe’s student and assistant in the present storyline. He’s involved enough in the novels for the reader to learn his personality and to discover that he has an agenda. It seems like he cares greatly for Kvothe and admires his past deeds, but he has a plan of his own.

Romance – Romance is a major theme in the novel. It doesn’t take up a huge percentage of it, but it is paramount to the story. At times, I liked how the romance was developing and at other times, I was less interested in it. I’m hoping that the romance in the third novel sparks my interest again, but I’m worried that things will be tragic.

Creativity –The “Magic” system in this series is both original and clever. The system is comprised of two unique types of power that are based on similar principles— in short, dominance over matter and energy. Like in most fantasy novels, some characters are more powerful than others. The main character, Kvothe has an aptitude for magic, like he does for many other things. The novels are also rich with detailed history, interesting fairy-tales, and well-written songs.

Writing Style –the writing style is strong. It’s not flowery, but it describes scenes well and moves the plot along excellently. The dialogue is stellar. Kvothe shows that he’s clever with his words countless times. I never felt bogged down with the writing. 

Overall - I strongly recommend the novel for anyone who likes fantasy with an amazing primary character. Also, if you are a musician or an actor it will probably be even more interesting. As a former traveling musician, Kvothe is an amazing lute player and is excellent at acting. I wish the romance worked better for me, but some people might like it more. The storyline is amazing, and I have a feeling that the third novel is going to be great as well. I’m excited for its release and can’t wait to learn what happens to Kvothe.

Rating: Five Stars (so far)

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Prince of Thorns - Book Review

Prince of Thorns - Mark Lawrence

Overall - I strongly recommend the novel for anyone who likes fantasy or science fiction and who isn't squeamish. There is violence and gore in the novel, but only a little more than other fantasy novels. It didn't bother me at all, but it's tough to bother me and could upset some people. I can't wait to read the second novel in the series, "King of Thorns."

Creativity -At first, "Prince of Thorns" feels like a standard fantasy novel with the standard elements of nobility, melee battles, and magic. After further reading, "Prince of Thorns" develops into something much more grand and well thought out. 

Characters -Prince Honorious Jorg or Jorg for short is the main character in the novel. He is ruthless, cunning, and deadly and he's only fourteen. He is extremely well developed early on in the novel. I read several reviews on amazon about how they didn't like his personalty, that he's nothing more than a sociopath. Maybe that is true. I certainly wouldn't want to be friends with him, but I loved him as a fantasy novel character. Beyond Jorg, the other characters were much less developed. I can't quite remember anything in particular about their personalities, but it is more difficult to develop characters without viewpoints.

Plot - It's weird. Although there didn't seem to be many plot points in the novel, I was excited to read it every time I picked it up. The few plot points in the novel worked really well for me. Toward the end of the book you feel a much grander plot begin to develop.

Romance - While there isn't much, there was the beginnings of a romantic connection. It could developing into something more in the next novel. The novel does quite well without romance though. If you are looking for romance, you should probably look elsewhere.

Writing Style -Simply the single best writing style in existence! I loved it. It's easy to read, but insanely imaginative. His similes and metaphors are very creative and would take me years to think of them all.

Rating - 4.5 Stars

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Talent Storm - Post Apocalyptic / Dsytopian Fiction

Talent Storm

A Dark Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic, Dystopian novel by Brian Terenna

You can purchase it here: Purchase Talent Storm 

An exciting first-person novel about a boy who comes to age as he discovers his immense power. 


Hundreds of years after the Great World War, America is a distant memory. In the ashes, new civilizations have risen up from the Wilds. Locke’s Coalition and Liberty Kingdom, bitter enemies, have been at peace for seven years. War is never far from politicians’ minds though, especially when one is the tyrant Archduke Goldwater. For all of human kinds’ positive traits, the character flaws of corruption, greed, anger, and revenge are etched into our DNA.
In the new world, little technology remains and advanced weapons are in short supply, but today’s soldiers fight with innate power. They fight with talent… the psionic powers that develop in a random few.
A young Coalition citizen, Jaden Stone, dreams of graduating, having fun, and falling in love. As if his hard-nosed uncle, schoolyard bullies, and exams weren’t hard enough to handle, he discovers that he wields Talent. He’d now be forced to serve in the military, forced to train and fight, all for an organization that killed his parents.
Will Jaden work hard for his people or will his desire for leisure win over? He’s forced to decide when a tragedy shakes his core.

Talent Storm Video Trailer

Novel Excerpt:

Ben turned away from me before picking up a few small rocks. “Let’s see if you’re any stronger from lifting all those weights. Maybe you’ll beat me for once.”
Nodding and smiling, I pointed at him. “You first.”
Ben stood, then stretched, his back popping as he rotated his torso. Hefting a rock, he wound up and then threw it. The projectile crossed the wide creek and bounced in the distance before skidding to a halt. Lips pressed in a straight line, I shook my head, annoyed. He topped his last week’s throw by a yard; he always beat me. He turned and smiled, stretching his long toned arms above his body.
I shrugged. “Eh, an all right throw,” I said with a wry smile.
Ben faced me, his eyes crinkling. “Riiiiight,” he said, while slowly bobbing his head. “Okay… beat me then.”
Images of my uncle’s flushed-face appeared before me, fueling my strength. I gritted my teeth while drawing back my arm. In a flash, I whipped my arm forward, releasing the rock. It sailed over the creek, whizzing through the air. With a loud crack, it slammed into a birch tree, punching a hole through the trunk. My jaw dropped halfway to the ground.
Out of the corner of my eye, Ben wavered, looking like he’d topple over. He shook his head, his hazel eyes wide. “Wowww… how did you do that?”
What had just happened? I lowered my head to stare at my hands, turning them over repeatedly.
I slowly raised my eyes to fixate on the hole again.
“Jaden? Hello… Jaden.”
“What?” I asked, just realizing Ben was speaking to me.
Ben patted my arm quickly, conferring a sense of urgency. Reluctantly, I tore my eyes away from the hole to face Ben.
He leaned in close, shaking. He spoke in a low voice, eyes darting side to side. “I think it was green.”
“What?” I shook my head, attempting to re-ground myself in the world. What was going on?
Now, he spoke louder, emphasizing with his hands in rapid motion. “The rock… it was green. It glowed green. Don’t you see? You’re one of the Talented.”

You can purchase it here: Purchase Talent Storm