The Cryptopunk Revolution: Character Art


Fae Luna - The Astral Hacker 

Naveha Jain - The Cyborg Anarchist 

Sunny - The AI Best Friend 

Alexander Fiore - The Cocky Sniper 

Hara Tekken - The Reserved Spymaster 

Major Marcella Virgo - The Kind Nordic 

Deacon Gabriel Ignatius O'Brien III - The Holy Warrior 

Brandon Myers - The Bodybuilder Silversmith 

General Austin Harper - The Ruthless Soldier 

Americus Jain - The Gruff Leader

Ron Paul - The Heroic Raven 

Check out my sci-fi adventure mystery series, the "Cryptopunk Revolution."

Join the brilliant hacker Fae Luna and her companions as she battles an unknown foe of unimaginable power. Get ready for an electrifying journey filled with twists and turns,
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