Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Warbreaker - Brandon Sanderson 

Fantasy Book Review

Overall it was an excellent book. Anyone who likes fantasy or especially Brandon Sanderson will love the book.

Story - The book ideas were very original.  The system of magic that he created is one of the greatest I've ever read. It's up there with Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson.

Dialogue - The dialogue is witty and humorous at times. It's believable and impressively done. One of the male leads' dialogue is extremely clever. I was very impressed. You'll see it if you read the book.

Characters - His characters are very well developed. The two lead women have deep personalities and make decisions based on those personalities. One of the male leads is a really fun character to read about. The interactions between characters is also well done. While the romance is slight, I enjoyed reading it.  Everything in his book is shown and not told, so that the reader feels that they are a part of the story.

Plot - During most of the book, he is slowly developing the plot and characters. Although the plot is fun to read throughout, the last 25% picks up dramatically. Throughout the book he builds up mysteries and then answers them all in an explosion of excitement at the end.

Writing style - Sanderson's writing style is my favorite. He is one of my influences. His style is a nice flowing simple style. He shows the scenes magnificently, but doesn't use long winded boring sentences that are hard to follow. 

Other - I listened to the graphic audio version. It was excellent. There are many actors and actresses as well as music and sound effects. I strongly recommend insisting to this version.

Rating -  Five stars.

By Brian Terenna


  1. great review,it's my one of my favorite books:)

    1. Thanks. Yeah it was great! I listened to the audio book which had multiple readers. It made it even better :)